Psychtegrity offers adult and senior treatment programs that are tailored to meet the needs of adults with mental health issues, social issues, emotional and mood disorders, life struggles, and other forms of psychological, sociological, and emotional struggles of an adult's life.  When your issues begin to destroy your relationships and impact your career, it may be time to seek help.  Psychtegrity is here to help.


The treatment process begins with a comprehensive evaluation/assessment to help identify and diagnose any underlying psychological, social, or life issues and an individualized, personed centered treatment care plan is created to address each client's needs. Treatment for each client is administered by a multidisciplinary, clinician-led team of mental health professionals that may include licensed/certified mental health therapists, social workers, substance abuse counselors, and program specialists. Some adults do suffer from co-occurring disorders, psychological problems with a coexisting substance abuse problem, Psychtegrity provides specialized treatment for adolescents with dual diagnosis issues. Substance abuse treatment administered by certified substance abuse counselors.

Our continuum of care offers outpatient options, including:

Psychotherapy (Individual, and Families)

With vast knowledge in therapy treatment modalities and the finest clinicians, our counseling Center provides comprehensive psychological services. Read More

Rehabilitation Services

No matter what your struggles, Psychtegrity Rehabilitation Services offers both the outpatient care you need. Read More

Behavioral Consultations and training 

Psychtegrity Center offers therapeutic direct, behavior-based service to a consultee concerning the management of a client or group of clients. Read More

Relationship counseling 

Psychtegrity provides counseling services to couples of every age or stage of life or in relationships. Read More

Women's Health

Psychtegrity provides women's health care services that span every age and stage of a woman's life. Read More


Group Counseling

At Psychtgrity, we know emotional trauma can seem like an uphill climb. But you don't have to do it alone. Read More

Additional Services